The Story of Chandanbala Lakshadi Tailam

The Story of Chandanbala Lakshadi Tailam

Once upon a time, in the ancient Indian lands, there was a great king who ruled the land with a vast army by his side. With the king ruling, the land proposed and became a centre of art, culture and medicine. We must stress on the importance of medicine as our story revolves around it!

You see, the king loved his kingdom but his one true love was his queen! Over the years their love had blossomed into many royal children for the kingdom. Together, they were the envy and pride of all the people. 

However, the king had a secret. One that gave him sleepless nights. His queen was his one true love yet he was standing on the sidelines watching her get weaker and weaker with every child that she gave birth to. It was not only causing harm to her health but also driving a wedge between them. 

So, to set the wrong right, the king called all of his advisors and presented his problem. The only solution was to turn to medicine. However, not the usual kind using herbs and concoctions. This remedy needed to have the imbibing power of ayurveda coursing through it. His court of physicians who we’d like to call as sages gathered and poured over their texts and scriptures. After months of trial and error they perfected the tailam which would help the queen regain her strength after the struggles of childbirth and also help the couple in their personal pursuits. 

They presented it to the king and together, they decided to name it Chandanbala Lakshadi Tailam, a powerful combination of rare herbs and essential oils. It was given to the queen to be used daily as it:

  • Was a rich source of Vitamin E and having warm potency
  • Penetrated the deepest layers of the skin
  • Created a potent tonic for the muscles and nerves
  • Boosted blood circulation and relieves stress in muscles.
  • Lightened hyperpigmentation spots.
  • Reduced skin inflammation and acne.
  • Improved skin complexion and tone
  • Moisturised and makes skin smooth, supple and glowing.
  • Restored the skin’s natural suppleness and elasticity and supported circulation.


With its daily use, the queen regained her strength and all was right in this majestic kingdom!

This story was noted in ancient scriptures and over the years changed hands to be what it is today but the gist of it as well as the powerful concoction created has survived the centuries!

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