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Haridradyam Tailam – Anti Acne Oil

Haridradyam Tailam – Anti Acne Oil

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Harness the soothing and nourishing power of nature with our pure and natural Aloe Vera Gel. Sourced from the finest Aloe Vera plants, this gel is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, offering a multitude of benefits for your skin and hair.
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A powerful elixir that goes deep into your skin to reduce acne, blemishes and hyperpigmentation! Say goodbye to the skin that has bothered you and say hello to the clean, clear and glowing canvas of your dreams! This face elixir oil penetrates deep into the dhatus or tissues of the face, reducing inflammation, soothing the skin and improving skin health.


Turmeric, Daruhaldi, Mulethi, Kaliyakkasht, Red Sandalwood, Tinduk, Pilkhan, Vat, Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, Padmaka, Saffron, Feronia Limoniapundariya, Majishashta & Lotus Flower,


Blemish Control: Infused with turmeric and other herbs, it effectively targets acne and blemishes, promoting clearer and healthier.

Oil Regulation: This oil helps balance sebum production, preventing excess oiliness and reducing the risk of acne breakouts for a mattified complexion.

Skin Healing: Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin, reducing redness and inflammation associated with acne, aiding in faster healing and recovery.

Spot Treatment: Applied directly to acne-prone areas, it works as a targeted treatment to reduce the size and severity of pimples, promoting smoother and clearer skin.

Manufacturer Address
"Herbalkalp Ayurveda, Khasra No. 537, Sikhera Industrial Area, Modinagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh"

Customer Reviews

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Suitable for all

"I've struggled with acne for years but this oil has made a noticeable difference. It's herbal and gentle on my skin, yet effective in combating acne. Definitely worth buying!

Richa Bakshi
Must Try

"This anti-acne oil is a holy grail product for me. It's helped prevent new breakouts and also calms down existing ones. I'm happy with the results.

Vinay Tawde
Ayuveda Marvel

"Impressed with the results of this oil. It's reduced my acne without causing any irritation. My skin feels smoother and looks clearer. Highly recommend it!

Garima Khandelwal
Gentle for skin

"This anti-acne oil has become my go-to solution for pesky pimples. It's fast-acting and reduces inflammation overnight. Love it!

ajay mishra
Great Product

"Great product for oily skin! This oil controls excess oil production without stripping my skin. My acne has reduced and my complexion looks more balanced.